About Finance

The AllClear accounts department is a growing team with diverse skills. We encourage individuals to achieve to their full potential and three of our team are qualified accountants and several others are currently studying towards an accountancy qualification, with support from the Company.

We strive to deliver accurate, timely, relevant information which is key to making important strategic decisions. Our team ethic is key to the departments success and we all have different strengths and work together in order to utilise these to their maximum potential.


As a department we produce daily, weekly and monthly MI, as well as management accounts for internal and external use, not to mention other important tasks like paying the staff and suppliers. In addition to this, we’re always happy to give a helping hand to other departments when required, after all, we all have one goal, the success of AllClear.

We are involved in many aspects of the business for both AllClear and the wider group of companies which keeps every member of our team on their toes and in turn, means no single day is the same as another.

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Meet Luke

“I work within our Finance Department primarily dealing with our underwriters and clients. However, my job does vary on a day to day basis. There is never a dull day here at AllClear, there is always something going on that you will be a part of in some way.

I started here in January 2015 in the call centre, after a short stint I made the decision to follow my dreams of studying accounts and beginning a career in finance. With the support of AllClear and my managers, beginning these things have been made possible. Working within a finance department although we are all busy there is never a time that someone cannot point you in the right direction, give you advise or help you out. Working within a team that is supportive is imperative for me.

We spend most of our lives in work so for me there has to be some kind of social appeal, with AllClear everyone gets along, we do things as a company and within our departments. We have a very well run social committee that organise our Christmas party, summer party and other social events throughout the year just to bring everyone together. Everyone gets on and there is a general feel of employee satisfaction throughout the office.

I am proud to be a part of the AllClear Team and with the way we have grown and how we continue to grow it is a very exciting time here for us, I cannot wait to see what the future holds for us.”