About IT

IT is a fast moving industry and it’s the drive and ambition of each member of the IT Team that ensures that AllClear remains current and forward looking. The IT Department is a supportive environment where all employees have the opportunity to grow their knowledge, skill set and position within the department. The workflow can be fast paced but careful project planning ensures that they always deliver a quality product on time.
Quality IT support is imperative to the successful operation of the company and the IT Team push hard to ensure that all users receive the highest level of support possible.

The IT Team is responsible for:

  • IT network infrastructure including software/hardware installation, maintenance and support.
  • IT support for all on and off site users.
  • Development, testing and maintenance of internal and public facing systems and websites.
  • Travel insurance product development, management and internal/external support service.
  • IT project auditing.
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Meet Lianne

“I absolutely love my job. No day is ever the same and sometimes I can be dealing with multiple projects simultaneously, which means that I am always busy. I would not have it any other way; I cannot stand being bored, so even on the rare occasion that I am quiet I will always look at ways that I can improve my knowledge or processes.

As IT Development Manager my main job is to ensure that any new products are in line with the clients expectations. I do this by creating detailed specifications based on the client’s requirements. I work very closely with all members of the AllClear IT Department, who I have a great relationship with and consider all to be close friends.

I am proud to be an employee of AllClear. I have worked at the company for 11 years and over the years I have witnessed massive changes. The company has grown so much, and it has been a pleasure to have played a part in its success.”