About Marketing

We’re a dynamic, agile and forward thinking bunch of marketeers here at AllClear. We’re focused on the newest initiatives and keeping up with the latest developments through internal and external training. We set ourselves ambitious targets and pride ourselves on meeting them.

We are also focused on building the strength of our brand. We recently launched our new brand ambassador, Big Tick. He reflects our brand mission – to help anyone with pre-existing medical conditions to get the insurance they want and need.

We still have time for some fun too – our last team day out was to Go Ape and this year we’re planning a crystal maze-esque adventure!

Quote about the marketing department would go here.

‘There’s never a dull moment! We engage with people with pre-existing medical conditions on so many channels – through over 300,000 emails a month and with a reach of over 200,000 a month on Facebook – there’s always someone new to talk to.’ Johnny

‘Our website is constantly growing and there is a wealth of content and landing pages that we’re adding. These fulfil the triple purpose of growing our brand, improving our SEO and, most importantly, providing useful content for our visitors.’ Letitia

‘It’s great attending external events such as the BIBA conference in Manchester and representing the brand.’ Lizzy

‘We’re a forward thinking team, and we always do our best to carry out the best and latest Digital practices.’ Bhav

‘Our new Knowledge Base is really working well as a way to answer customer questions in the most direct and useful way possible for the customer.’ Big Tick

‘We’re constantly looking to create the best customer experience using the latest web development techniques and it’s exciting to be a part of that.’ Tom

‘Digital is a forever changing practice where we need to be quick in our responses because what works today won’t work tomorrow, but what worked yesterday may work again.’ Luke